The traditional path to retirement for equity partners no longer works. Those leaving traditional law firms are increasingly concerned about their financial and career options. Carbon has a solution.

Consistent with our 'Freedom in a Framework' approach, at Carbon we believe our Partners should be free to retire when and how they want.


Our Partners can decide to bring in their own successors or to transfer their practices to colleagues. Any structure or approach that is within the bounds of law and regulation is possible.


Carbon's unique approach to client ownership, acknowledging relationships between our lawyers and their clients, means that Partners can control what happens to their client relationships as they retire from the profession.


We have also developed a value-creating approach enabling Partner Practice Value to be transferred by one Partner to another.

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"I joined Carbon because I was excited by the opportunities their refreshing approach gives me to build a practice, play to my strengths, and achieve the life I want for me and my family."