We often receive similar questions from lawyers interested in joining us, so we've gathered them to form a useful first point of call for those curious about Carbon.

What type of law firm is Carbon?

We're an ABS (Alternative Business Structure) authorised and regulated by the SRA. This allows non-lawyers, including our Hub team, to own a stake in Carbon Law Partners, alongside helping to drive our success on a day-to-day basis.

Will I be running my own law firm?

No. Carbon will handle the 'law firm' side of things for you so you can concentrate on building your legal practice.

What does the Carbon Platform provide for Partners?

Everything you need to get your legal practice started and running successfully. We offer a very comprehensive list of Core services for Partners. If you would like a detailed breakdown of our services please get in touch and we'll get that to you.

What is the community like at Carbon?

Fantastic. We want Carbon to be a happy place for everyone to be. Our culture really differentiates us and it's part of what makes our Platform unique. It truly wins the hearts and minds of our people. We celebrate individuality at Carbon. We know that people do their best work when they can 'be themselves'. Every person has the freedom achieve their ambitions and we support one another to do that. We like to collaborate, to see others do well. It's definitely not all about work. We're a social bunch at Carbon, there's a natural camaraderie and a real sense of fun. We love getting together regularly.

Are you a virtual firm?

No. We describe ourselves as a 'next generation' law firm. We've taken the best of the traditional law firm model, added some great modern thinking and created a new model of law firm. There is nothing virtual about us, we are very much a community of great people working together and supporting each other.

Where do Carbon Partners work?

Carbon Partners have the freedom to work where they choose, whether it be from home or an office. Our current Partners are based in various locations across England and Wales, including Cardiff, Bristol, London and Birmingham.

Do Partners refer business within Carbon?

Yes. Referrals are encouraged and embraced. As mentioned, we love supporting one another at Carbon - we want to see each other succeed.


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