Carbon Culture

Our vision is "to create and develop the conditions for exceptional people to flourish."

Our culture is a huge part of that. It’s one of the things that  really differentiates us and makes us unique.So when the Carbon team were asked to describe our culture, some of the most frequent words and phrases used were ‘it feels like home’, ‘we’re a family’ and ‘it’s a special place to be’. But what is it that makes here so unique?

We celebrate the individual.

You’re not just another face.  When you build your business with Carbon Law Partners we're changed irreversibly for the better. You bring your personality into the mix, so a new chapter starts for us all.

You can be yourself.

We believe that you do your best work when you love what you do. When you’re able to work in an environment that brings out the best in you. At Carbon, you have true freedom and autonomy.  You can build your practice to fit in with you and your overall life goals.

We all believe in our why.

Everyone at Carbon has a shared view of how the legal industry needs to change and why we do what we do in the way that we do it. We all have a strong sense of pride in our vision and believe we are part of a growing success story.

The Carbon Lab.

A core part of our DNA is to constantly innovate and push the boundaries. To continuously improve. We love exploring and testing new ideas in the Carbon Lab. It’s great to work alongside a team of like-minded people who challenge and inspire us.

We're a social bunch.

There is a natural camaraderie and a real sense of fun at Carbon. We love getting together regularly and we use technology to share laughter and experiences along the way.

A genuine desire to collaborate.

Everyone at Carbon is keen to support each other. To collaborate. You can be happily drafting quietly on your own, knowing there are people around to, seek advice from and refer work to. People you respect and like. People who genuinely want to see you do well.

We're passionate about learning.

At Carbon we love to learn. We learn new things every day. We recognise (and celebrate) that we learn from mistakes too. Through our Flourish Programme, we’re building a business that offers opportunities for everyone to realise their ambitions, whatever they may be.

It's not just what you do. It's how you do it.

Carbon People are not just measured on technical ability, but also on behaviour. Our 7 Carbon Competencies define ‘what great looks like’ for everyone in the Carbon Community.

How does our culture play out day to day? Read The Culture Story.


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